LA Fashion Week Design Competition

Saturday night was the LAFW Design Competiton in DTLA and what an experience! There were 10 finalists and Dom, winner of Project Runway Season 12, all showing their latest collections. The energy was high and it was a feast for the eyes! When the evening began with a beautiful ballerina doing a Contemporary dance to one of my favorite songs, Paris is Burning by St. Vincent, I knew it was going to be a good night!


Jessica Huerta had an edgy, rocker vibe with lots of clear panels offering a peek-a-boo of skin. It was the perfect way to start the show!


Madeline K. Smith had a very fun, elegant and wearable collection.


Delaya Briscoe had a modern edge that really spoke to me. I sat next to the young model pictured aboves parents. Her name is Lillian and she is so fierce!


Amber Aleyna I loved this resort wear collection. I could of used some of these pieces in Hawaii!


Shabnam Q had all of these fun, girlie pieces in bold, graphic prints that stole my heart.





Julieta Kleven Ok, definitely one of my faves. I LOVE avant garde looks and these were spectacular! Lillian wore a look from this collection as well and totally rocked it!

Tooie Zimmerman What can I say…I am a sucker for black and white!

Michelle Uberreste really rocked my world with her unusual designs.


Joshua Ugarte  did magical things with layers. His looks were edgy yet romantic.

Veejay Floresca was the winner! I loved this look and would totally rock it!

Bonus!! Dom, winner of Project Runway season 12 showed her latest collection!

Friday Faves

Image from Bright Black Studio

Happy Friday! How has your week been? I have to say that this time around, the whole “mercury in retrograde” thing has really gotten me. Life has really been extra crazy and I can’t wait for it to end on the 25th! This weekend Wade and I were invited on a media trip in Northern California. I love the unexpected adventures of road trips and am so excited to hit the open road. I can’t wait to share our trip with you at the end of the month! Have a magical weekend! XO

*If I was going to be in LA this weekend I would definitely be attending the 2nd annual Sriracha Festival! I would love to taste Sriracha infused food, cocktails and desserts!

* This fantastic new mediation app that helps you stop, breath and think to apply kindness and compassion in your everyday life. kd lang did music for it!

*Now that October is in full swing I have been thinking about Halloween. If I lived in San Diego I would definitely be attending this huge party!

*A new delivery service bringing pasture raised meats from family farms to your door.

*Getting new inexpensive glasses for the fall!

*This new app is supposed to help you read without glasses and improve your vision permanently.

*Repairing my sun damaged Hawaii skin with this this A.G.E. Therapy Gel.

Stella Proseyn

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting designer Debbie Talanian of Stella Proseyn and I fell in love with her edgy yet feminine style. I especially loved this outfit and couldn’t wait for it to go into production so I could get one! Finally, the weather has cooled down enough at night in LA to be able to wear it without sweating right through it. This art alley in my neighborhood was the perfect place to photograph it! Photos by Wade Hammond.






Black lace top, jacket and cropped pants Stella Proseyn
Houndstooth purse Michael Kors
Necklace H&M Shoes oldie but goodie Jeffery Campbell

Face: Marcelle BB Cream in Golden Glow, Revitalash Brow Gel, Dr. Lili Fan Probiotic Mascara, the most amazing, plumping nude lip gloss (it tingles) by Hydropeptide in Beach Blush, cheek color Nars, highlighter on eyes Fairy Dust by Pixi by Petra, nails Imperial Blue by Pixi by Petra.

Norwegian Seafood with Chef Greg Hozinsky at The Strand House

Last week, upon my return from Hawaii, Wade and I attended an amazing 6 course tasting dinner of Norwegian Seafood at the beautiful Strand House in Manhattan Beach. This gorgeous restaurant has one full wall of windows that looks right out to the Pacific Ocean. It was my first time in the space since it has changed ownership and gotten a makeover. From Beaches, a place that my cousin Bonnie spent her weekend nights slinging drinks for many years to now and WOW what a difference! The Strand House is elegant and upscale but with that laid back California beach vibe. Chef Greg Hozinsky recently spent a week in Norway studying the Nordic seafood scene and we were lucky enough to get to taste what he brought back. His unique combination of flavors and intricate presentations of the dishes were superb. I will be dreaming about this meal for a long time and can’t wait to go back!

Chef Greg prepping for the night

The Amuse-Bouche started things off on a high note with Cod in a Celery and White Truffle Sauce with a Poached Egg

The first course was a Smoked Norwegian Salmon ‘Pastrami’ Brioche, Pickled Beets, Horseradish Snow and Mustard Greens

Fotor01012153933 The second course was Pan Roasted Fresh Norwegian King Crab in a Brown Butter Broth, Sudachi and Corn Pudding

The third course was Norwegian Halibut with Smoked Sunchoke Puree, Matsutaki Mushroom, Cauliflower, Yuzu Kosho and Hijiki

The fourth course was Venison Strip Loin with Huckleberries, Root Vegetable Mille-Fueille and Grilled Chicories

The fifth course was a Fried Brioche with Lingonberry Whiskey Sabayon and Pistachios by Pastry Chef Stephaine Franz

The sixth course was a Warm Almond Apple Cake with Geitost, Brown Buttered Apples, and Cardamom Ice Cream also by Pastry Chef Stephanie Franz

As a lifelong seafood lover I absolutely loved everything! To quote our new friends from LA Foodie the Amuse-Bouche was “the best fish stick you have ever had”. The horseradish snow on the First Course was unique and amazing. The king crab in the Second Course rocked my world and I was surprised to have liked the Fourth Course venison as much as I did as I am usually not a fan. So, basically, Chef Greg can do no wrong. The desserts were of course as delicious as they looked! I highly recommend a night out at The Strand House sometime soon!

Thank you to The Strand House, Chef Greg Hozinsky and The Norwegian Seafood Council for having us!

Photos by Wade Hammond


Beauty Product of the Week: Knesko

Aloha! I just got back from Hawaii this morning. What an amazing trip. That was truly a relaxing vacation. Coming back is always bittersweet. I am happy to be home with my husband and cats but already miss the sound of the ocean waves and the fragrant tropical air. No matter how good I am to my skin while I am away a 5 hour flight always takes its toll, so the first thing I did this morning was deep condition my hair and put a mask on my face. This one is the Nanogold Repair Natural Collagen Face Masque by Knesko that I got from the Splash Spa Event. It totally did the trick! I feel like it stripped away the dryness, stress and fatigue and left me feeling plump, bright, moist and evened out my skin tone. It is amazing!



The mask is really wet when you apply it. It comes in 2 parts: a top and bottom. It took me awhile to get the bottom adjusted properly but after about 10 min it really stayed in place well. I of course tried to unpack and do laundry while it was on which made it want to slip so I would suggest lying down with it on and taking the time for yourself to relax. They recommend leaving it on 20-30 min. and then rubbing the extra into your skin. I used the leftover liquid in the package on my hands and they felt great!


There is no way to look cute with any sort of facial mask on…they all look scary but this one has a nice gold shimmer to it that makes it look a little more luxurious! It is actually infused with 24K Gold as well as other soothing ingredients like Rose Essential Oil, Marine Collagen, Elastin and Aloe Vera. A box of 4 Masks is $150. You can order them online or find them at select Hotel Spas like The Wynn, Shutters, Four Seasons and Casa Del Mar.