Show Your Style at The Beverly Center

Last week I attended a super fun and fashionable event at The Beverly Center hosted by Los Angeles Magazine and 3 of LA’s top Fashion Bloggers Aimee Song, Adam Gallagher, and Chriselle Lim. They did a little Q&A about current fashion trends and loves with Los Angeles Magazine’s Style Editor Linda Immediato then announced the winners of the Show Your Style contest. I met so many wildly talented and creative people and left totally inspired!


What a gorgeous group of fashionable people!

Me and the lovely Aimee Song.

Me and the lovely Aimee Song.


Meet Bianca! She designs amazing jewelry. Follow her on Instagram.

Me and the fabulous V!

Me and the fabulous V! It was great bumping into her again. She has mad style!


FIDM design students were there sketching party guests. This was done by Leonides Garcia and I will treasure it forever!


I loved everything about these 2! Celebrity Stylists E. Burns and Sonique O’Neal. I wore my newspaper print outfit that I got in downtown LA and it was a huge hit. This was its 2nd outing to a fashion event in LA so its pretty much retired now. ;)

I always love to see a party scene from above!

I always love to see a party scene from above!

Thank you to FIDM, The Beverly Center and Los Angeles Magazine for having me!

Friday Faves


Wow, what a long, fun week its been. Between working, Wednesdays Splash spa event and last nights Show Your Style event at The Beverly Center, I am exhausted! I need a vacation which is exactly what I’m going to get. Sunday we are heading up to Ojai to hangout with our potter friend Karen Bernscott and have a little food/pottery party. The weather will be warm and she has a pool so I am thrilled. Let the relaxing begin! What has inspired you this week? Here are a few of my faves:

*This awesome sketch of me from last nights event done by FIDM Fashion Design Student Leonides Garcia. The best part is that I didn’t even know he was sketching me until it was done. I will treasure it forever!

* Sipping Hibiscus iced tea morning, noon, and night because its delicious and decaf! I  brew it hot in a large tea pot for 4 min. then add 2 spoonfuls of honey, let it cool then pour it over ice!

* I just received a copy of I Love My Slow Cooker and everything in it looks amazing. I can’t wait for Fall to arrive so I can start making some of these. My goal is to make 1 a week until I get through the whole book once it cools down!

* Ever wonder what to do with those 6,598 Instagram photos? Put them on your clothes! I love this idea of creating your own prints. I can’t wait to try it! I want a desert landscape on a one piece bathing suit to start. The possibilities are endless!

* I have been obsessed with fancy pillow cases ever since I was given a silk one as a gift for my birthday last year. Well, Wednesday at the Splash spa event I received a moisturizing pillowcase that is the softest  thing I have ever felt. Its like sleeping on a cloud. This one is for your skin and the silk is for your hair so I will just have to alternate. One day I will wake up with amazing, moisturized skin and bedhead or I can have great pop out of bed hair and lines on my face. Either way its a win!

* Smelling fruity and floral with the new fragrance Dare from GUESS. I have never thought of myself as a commercial fragrance kind of gal, partly because they usually give me a headache, but this does not and smells amazing on. And, the bottle is beautiful with a  rose gold chain and studded accents. It looks so pretty in the bathroom!

Whatever you do this weekend I hope its magical! XO


Prints on Prints on Prints

Prints are hot right now! Mixing prints, prints on prints, anything printed. It goes along with the 90’s being back and that is the last time I remember wearing matching, printed jeans and a jean jacket. I grew up in South Florida and the kids at my high school were big on airbrushing. They had scenes airbrushed on their low rider cars and trucks as well as airbrushed matching denim/shirts/jackets. One that stands out in my mind is a matching Bart Simpson jeans/jacket. That would of been perfect for the Hollywood Bowl last weekend. Now, in 2014, enter FIGI Jeans. I stopped by the Pontes Group Showroom in LA to take a look at the latest collection. Designer Diane Carleton viewed the collage works of artist John Rossi who works with found objects, and was inspired to make this new collection. The now me loves it and I know the high school me would of loved it too!


The FIGI Jeans John Rossi collection (left) and a current look from Vivienne Westwood.

FIGI Jeans

This chambray shirt by FIGI Jeans is so soft and gorgeous. The little sheen it has to it makes it extra special.


The adorable little Pontes Group showroom. I am obsessed with this print of the girl with the pixie cut that they have on the wall. I need that in my house!

What prints are you obsessed with right now and would you dare to wear a head to toe matching print?

Nanette Lepore X Origins Collab


Guess who’s teaming up with Origins this holiday season with a custom designed makeup bag? The fabulous fashion designer Nanette Lepore! I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Gabby Rosenthal of Origins to discuss whats new with the brand, hear about the latest store innovations and find out this exciting news! How cute is this bag? I am thrilled to be one of the first to have gotten my hands on one! Look for them at Origins counters this November!


The Origins motto is “high performance natural skincare powered by nature and proven by science” and the products live up to it. I have always been a fan of Origins ( 2 of my faves are the Plantscription anti aging day cream with SPF25 and the Plantscription anti aging power serum) but love it even more after sitting down with Gabby. She gave me some insider tips like the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask is perfect to put on before a long flight and makes a great hand cream too. The GinZing Eye Cream is the #1 selling eye cream at Sephora. The Plantscription Youth Renewing Face Oil is amazing. It doesn’t clog pores and smells so good. Men like the Zero Oil line and there is a new Plantscription anti aging line. So, the next time you are near an Origins counter stop in and see whats new! Cheers to happy skin!

Friday Faves


Happy Friday! For me, this weekend is all about the Simpsons at The Hollywood Bowl. Packing a picnic and sipping wine (that you brought…yes, you can bring in your own food/wine) under the stars while watching a show is a must do during the summer in LA. With temperatures in the 90’s it looks like our summer isn’t leaving anytime soon. Cheers to a beautiful weekend! Here are a few of my favorite things this week:

* Everything about this photo (above) makes me happy. I used it for my birthday party invites earlier this year and just love the vibe!

* Beautiful, woven wall art by my talented friend Farron.

* Non-tingly plumping lip gloss with a light up wand in Coral Craze…my perfect neutral.

* The MiA Project-an online shop devoted to spotlighting homegrown wares.

* Previewing the new denim collection at GAP and styling a mannequin for the Styldby Party .

* The fresh, musky scent of vanilla grapefruit is the perfect fragrance to transition from Summer to Fall.

* Have an old Cadillac that you don’t know what to do with? Turn it into a hot tub! Checkout tonights Kickstarter Festival. It looks super fun and inspiring!

* These gold chain sandals are everything. I admired them all summer on the feet of my friend Kristi and then had to break down and get them (now they are on sale!). Until now I haven’t been much of a gold gal but I recently received a gold necklace that says “fabulous” and needed something to wear with it. These are perfect!

What has inspired you and how are you spending your weekend? XO