{diy} gel manicure

I absolutely love gel manicures! My hands spend a lot of time in water and wet hair and gel mani’s have been the only way I have found to keep my nails looking great. As much as I love treating myself to a trip to the nail salon it can be expensive and inconvenient ┬áto do on a regular basis. I was thrilled when I found The Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Starter Kit for only $60. It comes with small sizes of everything you need to DIY!

The process definitely requires practice and patience and takes the same amount of times as it does in the salon but it’s well worth it for the convenience and savings. It’s nice to be able to do it at home and repair nails individually as they need it. I`m thrilled with this purchase!

I have found it’s faster to hold the LED light perfectly level with all 8 fingertips in at once and then do thumbs together as opposed to the way I am doing it above.

The finished result! The starter kit comes with red polish but you can buy other colors individually. Ring by cara

16 thoughts on “{diy} gel manicure

  1. oooh GIRL, you are getting pretty good at that!! glad you’ve embraced it. i would love to have the time to do this at home. i can’t even find time to do regular nail-painting more than like once a month at home. argh. have you tried it on your toes at all?


    • Yes GIRL…practice makes perfect! No, I haven’t tried the toes yet! That’s a bit too adventurous for me. I can barely polish my own toes!

    • I have found them to come off quite easily with soaking in acetone. Also, I don’t rough up the surface of the nail like they do in the salon which seems to allow me to peel the gel off after 2 weeks or so without damaging the nail.

      • Thanks for your review! I also love the kit. So, you say soak in acetone? I don’t have to use tin foil and ERASE? The tin foil was such a hassle…..HOORAY! I have been reluctant to use anything other than RCM products. So, any acetone remover will work?

        • Hi! Yes, just pour some in a little bowl and soak your nails for a few min then you should be able to scrape it off with a cuticle stick!

  2. my birthday is in March & this is at the top of my wish list! I LOVE a gel mani & would love to do it myself!! YIPPEE!

    • Happy early Birthday! Mine is next month! Yes, this is a great product. It does take skill and patience but they just get better and better every time you do them!

  3. Oh wow, for the price of 2 gel manicures you get a whole kit. I’d definitely buy this if I wore polish often (which I don’t). I manage to chip normal polish very quickly. The gel polish does start peeling though, which makes it nice to be able to fix it yourself.

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