5 Things with Fashion Designer Altaf Maaneshia

photos by Troy Tackett
photos by Troy Tackett

Last week at Style LA Fashion Week, Altaf Maaneshia showed his collection before Betsey Johnson and it was fabulous! Opening the show, Maaneshia’s edgy collection captivated the runway with bold silhouettes, accents of color, sharp cuts and geometrical angles. I can totally see myself rocking some of these pieces! I absolutely loved the vibe!

Altaf Maaneshia photo by Troy Tackett

I was supposed to meet with Altaf before his runway show for an interview, but unfortunately our timing didn’t work out and he was kind enough to answer my questions via email.

5 Things with Altaf Maaneshia

1) B: Altaf I really loved your collection at LA Fashion Week. What was your inspiration?
    A: Inspiration: Everything that surrounds me influences my collections. If I see something           beautiful in the world, I can translate
that into my work. This particular collection was geared towards modern and independent women.

2) B: Who are some of your favorite designers that inspire you in your work?
    A: Alexander McQueen and Dolce Gabanna

3) B: What celebrities would you love to dress?
    A: Sarah Jessica Parker & Angelina Jolie

4) B: What is your favorite city and why?
    A: New York because the energy and Paris because the culture and arts. I also met my wife in Paris.

5) B: Being a foodie I have to ask what would be your “death row meal” or last meal of your life?
   A: Pizza! I can’t resist it.

You can find Altaf Maaneshia in select stores this spring and his online boutique launches in May!


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