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Curtis Stone’s fingers sprinkled this Foie Gras with asparagus dust at last weekend’s food fest in LA!

Everyone knows what a foodie I am! I love to eat and explore new restaurants and LA is quickly earning its place on the food map! There are new restaurants popping up every week and events like last weekends food tasting called The Essentials with over 50 of LA’s hottest restaurants offering bites of their best fare. Our first stop was at the Maude booth where Curtis Stone himself was serving up a delicious and beautiful Foie Gras. It was so much fun! Here are a bunch of food trends, new restaurants and good eats for 2015!

Photo by Wade Hammond

Chef Trends of 2015 from CPK Chef Brian Sullivan

Do me a flavor and flavor my salt Infused with anything from pinot noir to fresh herbs, chile, citrus, Sriracha, Jack Daniels, dried mushrooms, coffee and muchmore. Garnish a piece of meat, add a surprising salt rim to your cocktail or make a few jars to give to mom for Christmas.

Eggs on eggs on eggs Fried eggs might be the new bacon next year in the sense that they will be on everything. Pizza, burgers, ramen, salads, French fries…2015 will be the year of the chicken.

 Ancient grains, growing up without growing old Ancient grains have been around for as long as it sounds, but they can be used in so many different ways that they can be continually reinvented. From farro to quinoa, these super grains add an abundance of nutrients and variety to a meal.

Excuse me sir, there’s an avocado in my cocktail Culinary cocktails will continue to be big and we’ve only tapped the tip of the ice bin with ingredients like avocado puree, candied ginger, cucumber, fresh berries and herbs and beyond. Also, keep an eye out for more hand-crafted, non-alcoholic beverages. No alcohol, no problem.

You get more bees with infused honey Infusions are the perfect example of how creative you can get with different but complimentary flavors in unexpected ways. From the bold, balanced spiciness of Chipotle or Serrano honeys to the delicate sweetness of lavender honey, the options here are sure to be sweet.

Where is my food coming from? Local sourcing will continue its rise of relevance and importance, because the demand for real, fresh and healthful food as never been higher. Another important factor in sourcing is sustainability – for example, sourcing fish from areas that are not overfished or growing your own herbs.

 Produce, Produce, Produce The more unexpected and rare, the better. Heirloom carrots of purple, yellow and pale white add a unique twist to an old favorite. Peppery red watercress or bitter greens totally amp up the flavor in a salad. And speaking of salad, baby kale has unseated its leafy big sister as the new organic star.

Veggies roasting in an open hearth (Jack Frost nipping at your nose)How you cook something can be just as exciting as what you are cooking. Roasting veggies in an open hearth produces a wonderful caramelized texture and flavor. And it’s not just veggies. Roasting fish and meat in a hearth, as opposed to grilling or searing, is a great way to achieve slow-building, intense flavor, without over-drying.


From unique dishes to spacious outdoor patios, here are the top 5 dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles from founder Jennifer Fernandes:

1.Alcove Café & Bakery: Cozy up in the Alcove café located in two historic bungalows serving updated versions of American classics, hand-crafted cocktails and artisan baked goods. Also, enjoy some smooth alcove-original chocolate while your dog enjoys the surrounding garden patios.

2.The Oinkster: Classic fast food favorites with high quality flavors from The Oinkster in a relaxed and modern atmosphere and has been featured on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.” Known for their juicy burgers, crispy Belgium fries and other American classics, The Oinkster is a pet friendly favorite for local dog owners.

3.The Waffle: A stylishly modern eatery in the center of Hollywood, The Waffle serves innovative and exciting dishes in a “comforts of home” environment. They specialize in waffles for you and “woofles” for your pet to enjoy on the giant breezy patio.

4.BLD: BLD Stands for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is a true neighborhood spot for locals and visitors. BLD serves simple and delicious comfort food throughout the day with friendly service and welcoming outdoor seating for pets.

5.Eveleigh: Featuring a seasonal farm-to-table approach, Eveleigh is a neighborhood restaurant and bar with artisan cocktails offered by the pitcher. They offer a special weekend brunch and pet friendly patio for families to gather on Sunset Blvd. and enjoy the city.


For serious foodies mapping out their next Michelin-rated dining experience, Michelin has created a new series of premium maps to quickly find the top-rated restaurants listed in the latest editions of the U.S. MICHELIN Guides Right now they have one for New York, Chicago and San Francisco. $9.95


As the world’s leading luxury food magazine, FOUR has revealed the Top Ten Restaurant list as a reflection of the essence of fine dining. FOUR’s acclaimed list includes dining venues that are located across the continents. Featuring restaurants in North America, Europe and Asia:

#1 | Eleven Madison Park | Daniel Humm
#2 | André | André Chiang
#3 | Hof Van Cleve Restaurant | Peter Goossens
#4 | Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare | César Ramirez
#5 | Il Mosaico | Nino di Costanzo
#6 | Fäviken | Magnus Nilsson
#7 | La Vie Restaurant | Thomas Bühner
#8 | Sushi Shikon | Yoshiharu Kakinuma
#9 | Steirereck Restaurant | Heinz Reitbauer
#10 | Per Se | Thomas Keller


Last but not least…airport food! For a long time LAX has been seriously behind the times when it came to good, interesting food that was a reflection of the great city. Now, they have finally updated some of the terminals like the Tom Bradley International Terminal where you can find Petrossian, a Champagne and Caviar bar. Terminal 4 has a Kogi BBQ food truck and Terminal 5 has a Loteria Grill. My favorite smaller airport, The Long Beach Airport, recently got a makeover and has a wide variety of local food to choose from including a wine bar. I would highly recommend flying through there any chance you can!


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