My Dream Closet

When I thought about my “dream closet” based on Compass, a new real estate platform based in NY, and the amazing listings on their site, visions of my fairy tale closet popped into my head immediately. Growing up with a father who made dream closets a reality (Albinson’s Clutter-Free Closets in Ft. Pierce. Fl) I always had the best of the best for the space I had, but I have never had enough space for my true “dream closet”. If I could create my ultimate closet fantasy it would be big and uncluttered, have an island for my jewelry, would always have fresh flowers on the island, have a chandelier, leopard print carpet, a fabulous chair for sitting or draping clothes over, and to be really over the top…a silver vintage champagne bucket on a stand. I found a few pictures that, put together, kind of create a vision of what I have in mind!





What does your dream closet look like?


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