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Long Beach is full of great food and new places are popping up all the time. I feel like you can get just about any type of food you desire within minutes except for Ramen. For some reason LB just doesn’t do Ramen…yet. There is a goldmine to be had for the person who opens a legit Ramen noodle bar with craft beer. Your welcome for the idea. Ok, enough with my Ramen rant. Lets move onto what new things I have tried lately and loved…

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Americana Steak and Fries
This place is in my neighborhood and yet it took me years to actually try it and boy was I missing out. The Supreme Steak and Country Chicken hot sandwiches are sooooooo good, the rolls are super soft and fresh, its inexpensive, and the people who own it and work there are super nice. Its a win, win, win!

Elephant Thai Kitchen
This place is in an area that we don’t usually think to go to to eat although it is super close to where we live. Everything we had was delicious, the staff was very friendly and accommodating offering recommendations, and it didn’t break the bank. It is legit. Its clean, casual and they have a little parking lot in the back.

Photo by Anne Watson
This place opened up in a space on Broadway that used to be several different places that were just ok…until now. Padre did a great job with the decor, there is a ton of indoor and outdoor seating and the food and drinks are on point. My favorite things are the fried chicken tacos, brussel sprouts and for a cocktail, well they are all amazing but my go to is the Watermelon Fixx. I love Happy Hour and they do it 7 days a week! Woohoo! They have an interesting railing leading upstairs when you walk in the main entrance. I won’t spoil it for you, you have to just see it for yourself.

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This spot has a location in DTLA and just opened in Long Beach. It was founded in 2011 by legendary professional skateboarder Salman Agah. I call it hipster pizza but I mean that in the best of ways. It is New York style which I love. We had the Meat Jesus (pictured above) which was drool worthy, the white pizza that was delicious with Sriracha, and the Spicy Chopped salad that was just fine. They sell a ton of pizza by the slice including vegan and veggie which are about $4 and a whole pizza runs close to $30, so its not cheap but everything is super fresh and locally sourced. If you are into cold pizza they sell day old slices in their fridge for $1, so thats a deal! We passed on the garlic knots but they smelled amazing. Everyone who worked there was really, really nice. It’s a great addition to Long Beach!

As delicious and eclectic as the LB eats scene is, it isn’t known for its health food so if anyone from Lemonade, Tender Greens or maybe Urban Plates is reading this we need you! Downtown Long Beach is on the up and up! Come on down, we would LOVE to have you!

There are so many new places to try and we always say we are not going to eat at the same place twice until we try all the new spots but we still end up at our old faves all the time like Long Beach Thai for the curry noodle soup, Pho Hong Phat for the Pho, and Los Compadres for their amazing Molcajete.

What restaurants have been on your radar lately?


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