About Brittany Sage

Hi, I'm Brittany Sage.Welcome! My name is Brittany Sage. I’m a 30 something living in Los Angeles, CA. I launched lipstickandleopardprint because I wanted a creative outlet to share my life’s adventure, passion and inspiration. I love living in a time where social media allows us to share ideas and creativity instantly with others. I have loved fashion since I was a little girl. Even at an early age, I was aware of my mother’s impeccable fashion sense, and I still admire it to this day. She is without a doubt my favorite shopping partner!

As a lover of clothing and accessories, I naturally began my career in fashion retail management. From there, I went to cosmetology school to further explore my love of hair and beauty. While in school, I worked for Estée Lauder which helped foster a love for make-up and skincare. I have been working as a hair stylist and make up artist since graduating cosmetology school in 1997.Seeking adventure and a change of scenery, I moved to LA from South Florida in 1999. I immediately fell in love with the City of Angels and have been here ever since. I find continual inspiration exploring this great city and state.

I met my husband Wade in 2004 and we discovered our love for food and traveling! Together we continue to have culinary adventures at home and around the world. There is always something new and exciting to experience and I can’t wait to share it with you!

email: brittanysage@lipstickandleopardprint.com
twitter: @2littlebirds
instagram: @brittanysage

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