altitude design summit 2012

I spent last week in Salt Lake City for the Altitude Design Summit. It was an incredible experience! There were speakers, classes, dinners, parties, gifts, goodies and a ton of networking! I met so many creative and inspirational people that at times it seems like it could of all been a dream! I’m already looking forward to Alt. 2013!

My Alt. experience began at The Viking School of Cooking where I had a delicious meal prepared by two super cool food bloggers: Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia and Jen of Delightful Delicacies and their assistant Becky of The Vintage Mixer. Everything was fresh, local and oh so good! The main course (pictured below) was a creamed polenta with braised hearty greens, sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. I could eat this everyday! You can find the recipe here.

Thursday night was The Winter White Party and everyone looked fabulous!

Dariela Cruz of Mami Talks and me at the moss+isaac photo booth!

Friday night Alt.Summit held different themed mini parties in the 3rd floor suites of the beautiful Grand America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City.

Me and Lisa Mok at the Girls With Glasses Go To Paris Party! Photo by Carolee Beckham Photography.

I met one of my favorite bloggers Gala Darling who was sweet as pie!

Thanks for everything Alt.! See you next year!


desert dreams

The recent days of unseasonably warm weather in southern California have me dreaming of the desert. Last year we made 2 trips out to the 29 Palms Inn to relax and frolic in the heat. Just a quick 2 1/2 hr. drive and we were transported to a place that can only be described as magical. Sometimes you just have to get out of town to see the stars, listen to the crickets chirp and recharge!


oh tokyo, i love you so!

My husband and I had an opportunity to visit Japan and had the most amazing time. The people, food, shopping and sights were unlike anywhere else in the world. I fell in love with Tokyo and its over-the-top cuteness.

Tokyo Highlights

  • Me and my crocheted mohawk hat are outside a Pachinko room. Its like a casino of slot machines that use silver balls instead of coins. Total visual overload!
  • We stayed at the Tama Hotel, a traditional Japanese Inn located in Shinjuku. The room consisted of rice paper walls, and a tatami floor on which the inn keeper would roll out a traditional futon bed roll nightly.
  • The busiest intersection in the world is Hachiko Crossing in Shibuya.

  • My buddy…one of the crazy kids hanging out on the Harajuku bridge on a Sunday afternoon.
  • A glimpse of a “sweet lolita” under an umbrella. Japan has so many niche styles!
  • Hello Kitty is everywhere!!!
  • Busy streets of one of the many Tokyo shopping districts.
  • A delicious breakfast we had two days in a row. We weren’t entirely certain of what we were eating, we just pointed at what looked good. Most restaurants have plastic food displayed outside to entice passerby’s.

  • Interactive holiday window display at Setan department store.
  • A funky, free standing fashion display in Harajuku.
  • Conveyor belt sushi was quick, fresh and inexpensive.
  • A modern Xmas tree outside a huge mall in Shibuya.

  • I love how cute this sign is, asking people to please get drunk at home and not on the subway.
  • One of our favorite areas was The Golden Gai, a micro-bar district in Shinjuku. This bar had a rugby theme as the owner was a longtime player. The entire place is shown in this photo. Some bars in the Golden Gai seat as few as 4 people and only allow local regulars.
  • We were lucky to have caught these traditionally dressed girls outside the entrance to the Meji Jingu Temple on their way to a wedding.
  • Bikes are a very popular form of transportation!
  • Shinjuku is beautiful at night with all the bright neon lights.
  • We made friends with some Japanese businessmen at a stand up restaurant in Uneo. Although we didn’t speak the same language we had no difficulty having a good time. More often then not I found this to be the case. It made Tokyo super inviting and a pleasure to explore and left me wanting more!


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