oh tokyo, i love you so!

My husband and I had an opportunity to visit Japan and had the most amazing time. The people, food, shopping and sights were unlike anywhere else in the world. I fell in love with Tokyo and its over-the-top cuteness.

Tokyo Highlights

  • Me and my crocheted mohawk hat are outside a Pachinko room. Its like a casino of slot machines that use silver balls instead of coins. Total visual overload!
  • We stayed at the Tama Hotel, a traditional Japanese Inn located in Shinjuku. The room consisted of rice paper walls, and a tatami floor on which the inn keeper would roll out a traditional futon bed roll nightly.
  • The busiest intersection in the world is Hachiko Crossing in Shibuya.

  • My buddy…one of the crazy kids hanging out on the Harajuku bridge on a Sunday afternoon.
  • A glimpse of a “sweet lolita” under an umbrella. Japan has so many niche styles!
  • Hello Kitty is everywhere!!!
  • Busy streets of one of the many Tokyo shopping districts.
  • A delicious breakfast we had two days in a row. We weren’t entirely certain of what we were eating, we just pointed at what looked good. Most restaurants have plastic food displayed outside to entice passerby’s.

  • Interactive holiday window display at Setan department store.
  • A funky, free standing fashion display in Harajuku.
  • Conveyor belt sushi was quick, fresh and inexpensive.
  • A modern Xmas tree outside a huge mall in Shibuya.

  • I love how cute this sign is, asking people to please get drunk at home and not on the subway.
  • One of our favorite areas was The Golden Gai, a micro-bar district in Shinjuku. This bar had a rugby theme as the owner was a longtime player. The entire place is shown in this photo. Some bars in the Golden Gai seat as few as 4 people and only allow local regulars.
  • We were lucky to have caught these traditionally dressed girls outside the entrance to the Meji Jingu Temple on their way to a wedding.
  • Bikes are a very popular form of transportation!
  • Shinjuku is beautiful at night with all the bright neon lights.
  • We made friends with some Japanese businessmen at a stand up restaurant in Uneo. Although we didn’t speak the same language we had no difficulty having a good time. More often then not I found this to be the case. It made Tokyo super inviting and a pleasure to explore and left me wanting more!


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