a standard sunday

What to do on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon in downtown LA? Hit up the rooftop pool party at The Standard Hotel! Wade and I went for the kickoff on April 1st (thanks KCRW) and had a blast. It wasn’t exactly bikini weather yet but the view was amazing, drinks were flowing, the DJ’s had the dance floor packed and there were heaters!!

Dancing amidst the LA skyline.

Freezing my butt off under a heat lamp with my mojito!

Cute poolside waterbed pods to escape the summer sun!

The pool is breathtaking, especially at sunset!

Forgot your swimsuit? No problem, there’s a vending machine!

Lots of cool lounge areas to kick back and enjoy the afternoon!

The view is spectacular!

You know how I love a photo booth! There’s one in the lobby!

We are looking forward to going back on a hot, summer Sunday and taking advantage of the pool. Perhaps we can find an excuse to stay at the hotel too!





tequila for two

I am not usually a shot kind of gal but if I am in the mood for liquor, I love a good tequila. Wade recently introduced me to a new chaser. Instead of biting a lime and licking salt off your hand try an orange wedge sprinkled with cinnamon. The combination is amazing and enhances the finish of a good anejo tequila. Cheers!


the bubbly granny

Spring is here and the Bubbly Granny is the perfect cocktail for Sunday brunch and warm, relaxing afternoons in the sun!

Juice 1 large granny smith apple for every 2 cocktails. I recommend pouring the juice into a pitcher first as it tends to get pretty frothy. Use the wide end of a zester in a spiral motion around the apple to create the garnish. Place in a glass and fill it with 1/2 prosecco and 1/2 granny smith juice. Prosecco is generally on the sweet side and is a less expensive alternative to champagne. It has notes of green apple which compliment this cocktail perfectly! Cheers!


cocktails for him & her

I was extremely flattered to have been asked to be a guest blogger at Pierotucci! Check out their beautiful, hand-crafted leather goods and my post on his & hers cocktails on their blog here!


the best bloody mary

I am a huge fan of anything involving tomatoes! Sun dried or oven roasted, cooked or raw, red sauce, ketchup, anything tomato… you name it. So, I am particularly fond of a good Bloody Mary. I have found that I really love when it involves a lot of goodies. A delicious beverage and a snack all in one! If you are looking for a new twist on an old cocktail, here you go!

Photo by Wade Hammond

Wade’s Bloody Mary Recipe

3 cups tomato juice
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
3 tablespoons sweet and sour mix
1 tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
3/4 teaspoon Tobasco sauce
1/2 teaspoon Tapatio, or to taste
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon or more freshly ground pepper
1 tablespoon horse radish (prepared)
1 teaspoon green olive brine
Celery salt (to sprinkle on top)
Coarse salt (for rim of glass)
Your favorite vodka
(makes 1qt. of mix)

Combine all of the ingredients, except the vodka and celery salt, by blending or stirring vigorously. Refrigerate until chilled. When you are ready to enjoy, use 1-2 ounces of vodka followed by the chilled bloody mary mix. Add bacon, pickled asparagus and a dash of celery salt for the best Bloody Mary you have ever tasted! Cheers!

Photo by Wade Hammond

Wade’s Quick Pickled Asparagus 
teaspoon of mustard seed
teaspoon whole pepper corns
3 cloves of garlic crushed
1 teaspoon of dill
1 or 2 bay leaves
1 bunch of asparagus
1 cup of seasoned rice vinegar
1/4 cup of water
1 small shallot sliced
5 whole allspice

Heat all ingredients over medium high heat in a 10 inch frying pan make sure the liquid covers the asparagus and simmer for 30 seconds. Remove from heat and place all ingredients in a glass baking dish or other dish that allows the asparagus to be completely submerged in the brine. Place in fridge until cold and serve immediately. If you plan on storing them longer add another half a cup or so of water to dilute the vinegar.


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