beautiful accident


I don’t usually think of myself as the feather wearing, desert hippie type (except when I’m in the desert) but this top proved me wrong. It is totally out of my comfort zone and I am totally obsessed. I found it at my favorite boutique in Hermosa Beach, Double Take, and it’s all I have wanted to wear lately! I have been adding different long sleeve shirts underneath as the weather has been all over the map, and I hate being cold. As soon as it warms up, I know this look will be completely transformed by replacing the long sleeve top with a tank.


I absolutely love the unusual mix of color in this top, and especially the surprise pop of mint green in the back!


I was oddly attracted to this feather necklace from Jewelmint (again, not really the feathery type) but I loved how it accented my new, short hair. Now it is the perfect accessory for this top!


I have practically been living in this top (I apologize to my friends and family if you get sick of seeing me in it!) and it inspired my hot orange manicure, which I am finding  kind of goes with everything in a weird way!


happy anniversary

Lipstick & Leopard Print turns 1 this month and I couldn’t be more excited!
What a year it’s been! Below are 12 of my favorite posts of the year.
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It has been a crazy year of blogging and I couldn’t of done it without the love, support and enthusiasm of my readers, friends, family and most importantly my photographer, chef, “editor in chief”, and husband Wade, AND my dear friend Carrie for all of her help getting this thing up and running! Thank you all for helping me grow Lipstick & Leopard Print this last year. Like my friend and fellow blogger Gala Darling says,”it is hard work, hard work, hard work”. This is very true, and going through this amazing journey has made me realize my passion for writing and sharing my experiences. I have had a lot of fun and unique opportunities this last year and I am so grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Cheers to another great year ahead!


watermelon ice tea

I have been obsessed with watermelon ice tea for the last few weeks, during this unusual southern California heatwave.  Last month, we were in Palm Springs and ate lunch at an adorable place called The Palm Greens Cafe. Wade got fresh pressed watermelon juice because it sounded really refreshing in the 100 degree heat. I had an ice tea for similar reasons. When we were done with lunch, we each had half of our drinks left and decided to combine them in a to-go cup and “voilà” magic was made! It is a simple, delicious, naturally sweetened summertime beverage.

*Cut the rind off of any size watermelon and cut it into pieces that will fit in your juicer. I prefer to use a larger watermelon so I have the juice on hand all week. If you don’t have a juicer you will have to get creative on how to press the juice out of the watermelon.

*When you are finished juicing the watermelon strain the juice as it is smoother and crisper with less pulp.

*Pour it over ice half and half with your favorite unsweetened ice tea.  I love the Unsweetened Green Tea in the bottle from Fresh and Easy. Enjoy!



I’ve been intrigued by The Integration ever since I first read about it on one of my many trips to the desert. 

The current owners, who prefer to be called “stewards”, offer both public and private sound baths  which are believed to have a healing effect on the body, mind and central nervous system. 

The Integratron is located in Yucca Valley about 2 1/2 hours from LA. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself while we were driving through the middle of nowhere – the desert. It looked like a scene from Breaking Bad. Finally, The Integratron appeared in all it’s white domed glory. I was pleasantly surprised at how cute the grounds were surrounding it. Restrooms, a fire pit, lounge chairs, sofas, water-misters and  hammocks. Everyone we encountered that worked there was super friendly!

We purchased our $15 tickets for the public sound bath and made our way into the dome. The bottom level is sort of like an Integratron museum. There are numerous articles, clippings and models helping to shape a picture of how The Integratron came to be. It’s basically the byproduct of Tesla design and telepathically transmitted alien technology. Hmmm… next, we climbed upstairs to the sound chamber. There were a bunch of mats and blankets and pillows laid out, however, you are encouraged to bring your own. The domed room was beautiful and full of great energy. Because there were no nails or screws used to construct this wooden sound temple, its like being inside of a giant, acoustically perfect cello.

It filled to capacity (45 people) quickly and we got started right away because it was beginning to get very hot outside (105° F). Everyone laid down on their mats ready to feel the magic. I was worried that I might feel like we were all about to drink “the purple Kool-Aid”. Fortunately, that never happened – I felt completely relaxed and peaceful. Our guide began playing 9 different quartz crystal bowls which all made different sounds, tones and vibrations. She said, “The brain and nervous system love that kind of sound!”

As I laid there, I felt completely relaxed, as though my mind had detached from my physical self.  About halfway through, Wade and I touched hands and I felt a surge of energy charge through my body from his. It was a truely unique experience. For the rest of the day, I felt centered, rejuvenated and relaxed. I would love to stop by for another sound bath the next time we find ourselves heading to the desert which I find magical in itself.

Next, we headed back across highway 10 to Palm Springs to stay at the newly remodeled Spanish style Los Arboles Hotel.  It was charming and quiet with a lovely courtyard pool and jacuzzi. We spent the rest of the day there lounging around and had a tasty Mexican feast at their restaurant El Marisol. *This time of year is off season in the desert. If you can stand the heat you can get some great deals on hotels!

The next day, as we headed out of town, we couldn’t help but stop and take pictures of the new Marilyn Monroe statue in the center of town! It was huge and quite spectacular with the desert landscape in the background.

Spoiler alert…she is wearing panties!

  We also stopped by some modern furniture and vintage shops. They are great out there! I love that Palm Springs is close enough for us to get out of town for just a night! Until next time…


making a splash in the desert

We spent the weekend in the desert getting a sound bath at The Integratron and frolicking around Palm Springs! I will be posting more about these adventures this week! In the meantime, we had fun using the timer on my camera and jumping into the pool a zillion times to make this little video!


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