Adventures in Malibu

June 23rd Wade and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary by borrowing a friends convertible (Thanks Deniz) and driving up the coast to Malibu. We had an AH-MAZING dinner at Nobu and then spent the night in the Zen Room at the eclectic home of Bibi Jordan that we found through airbnb. She also rents out a chic yurt that is worth checking out. This was our first experience with airbnb and it was fantastic. A lot less expensive then staying in a hotel and Bibi was a wonderful host. If you haven’t checked out this type of lodging you must. You can view listings of peoples homes or rooms for rent all over the world. It’s my new favorite way to travel!

 Bibi Jordan in her kitchen. She is a beautiful spirit and wildly creative women.
Bibi Jordan in her kitchen. She is a beautiful spirit, wildly creative woman and great cook. She made us a fresh and delicious breakfast in the morning! Her homemade organic Meyer lemon jam was so good we convinced her to let us buy some!
The gorgeously decorated pool area at The Malibu Zen Retreat.
The gorgeously decorated pool area at Bibi’s home.
I picked organic Meyer Lemon's from the farm. A gorgeous, moss covered wagon wheel.
I picked organic Meyer Lemon’s from the farm. A gorgeous, moss covered wagon wheel.

The next day we explored the canyon’s of Malibu, saw wild animals, did some wine tasting and then hit up the iconic Gladstones for happy hour on our drive back down the coast! It was the perfect one night get away! So close, but we felt so far away!

This little guy was so cute!
This little guy was so cute!
Wine tasting at Sip in Malibu. The tasting room has a 1970's rock-n-roll theme.
Wine tasting at Sip in Malibu. It might of been the wine talking but I fell in love with these scarves and insisted on getting them and having Wade wear one. He’s a good sport!
Happy Hour at Gladstones on PCH! Iconic!
Happy Hour at  Gladstones on PCH. A true Southern California landmark!

The last 7 years have been full of adventures and I am so happy to have such a wonderful husband to share them with. It feels like just yesterday that we met. My parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary this year and I am looking forward to many more anniversaries for both of us. My mom and I were talking about what has kept our relationships going strong and having a sense of humor and laughing seems to be key. Not taking life too seriously. I can see that has definitely worked for them. They can be super silly and joke around all the time!

Last weekend we were at a beautiful wedding and in the ceremony they said that you and your partner will sometimes see things differently. That doesn’t mean either one is right or wrong, just different. You must be patient, respectful and understanding of each others opinions and feelings. I think these are words to live by. Cheers to life and love!




The awesome folks at ReCircle Matter (posted here) want to give one lucky person one of their fun, hand crafted chalkboards! To enter, just leave a comment below with the color you would like if you are chosen! I will pick a winner at random next Friday the 31st! Good luck!

Congratulations Carrie! You are the winner of the ReCircle Matter giveaway!
Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 9.19.24 AM


ReCircle Matter

Darian & Chris of ReCircle Matter (and me!) at The Melrose Trading Post.

Meet Darian and Chris. They are artists, craftsman and all around creative peeps who I just adore. They operate under the name ReCircle Matter and their philosophy is,”Everything in the universe travels in circles, in circles, and in circles. Everything you put into the world, be it energy, creativity, hard work, suffering, and even simply thoughts and intentions… all circle through the universe and return. Each may return a bit different…. changed…. sometimes a bit hard to recognize but they always hold a part of their original matter. We believe the same about art.” They make awesome, affordable, handcrafted furniture and home goods and will work with you to custom make whatever you can dream up!

The ReCircle Matter booth at The Melrose Trading Post.

If you live in or around LA and have never been to the Melrose Trading Post you must plan a trip. It is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Not only will you find artists like Darian and Chris, there are antiques, great food and amazing people watching. It’s a street style bloggers dream come true. It goes from 9-5 every Sunday. Check it out!

These fun, repurposed silverware hooks are great in the kitchen for hanging towels, aprons, or tools!
Supporting local artists is always a good thing!
Darian and Chris were commissioned by one of my favorite stores, Topshop, to make custom pieces for their grand opening at The Grove in LA!

I feel so fortunate to have such talented, creative friends and I love sharing their stories!

Congrats to the adorable couple who just got hitched in Vegas last weekend!
Congrats to the the happy couple! They just got hitched in Las Vegas last weekend!

You can find Darian and Chris at the Melrose Trading Post in LA every Sunday from 9-5, online at ReCircle Matter and on Etsy.


alt. design summit 2013 {day 2}


On day 2, I spent most of the morning sitting in on a round table discussion involving a new project hosting web videos! I made a submission video yesterday and am keeping my fingers crossed! I will keep you posted! In the afternoon, The Land of Nod took over one of the lounges and threw a tea party with a swan theme. How fun is this photo op?


These black swan floral arrangements rocked my world, and the black and white napkins…just stop it! Too cute!


At Alt., it is all about the business cards. The card wall is filling up! There were 650 attendees this year.


OK, Fridays lunch and keynote speaker Stephan Sagmeister blew me away. You can imagine the rooms surprise when his naked photo appeared on the large screens next to him a few minutes into his talk. He is a world-famous graphic designer, has given TED talks and wrote a film called…The Happy Film. He was hilarious, captivating and super inspiring!


How adorable is this candy table by Kara? Just incase you needed an afternoon pick me up! The style and attention to detail at Alt. is spot on. It’s like a fantasy land.


Jessica Alba was there talking about her brand The Honest Co. It was cool to be in the same room with her again! I just adore her and she is so sweet. I met her last year at The Lucky FABB event.


This was a giant cork board map of the US and everyone tacked their cards to the area they were from! Look, there I am!

Alt. Clue 2013-1020532

Ahh…the beautiful Grand America Hotel at night, and no, that deer family isn’t real!

untitled shoot-1020602

Myself and the lovely Tamera Beardsley at the Friday night mini suite parties. The entire 3rd floor of the hotel gets taken over by sponsors who create themed mini parties in the suites. It is so much fun! This year Better Homes & Garden hosted the Color Pop Dessert Bash, Blurb hosted a Reunion Class of 2013 party, Flipboard’s theme was Rolling Out the Red Carpet, Go Mighty + Red Envelope had a Crush on You Party, Hayneedle hosted a Great Gatsby Lawn Party, Method + The Girls with Glasses hosted an It’s a Mod Mod World dance party, Vecco + Brita Olsen had a Tinsel & Timber party and Weathermob had a Weather With Style party. It was an amazing evening of food, fun and lots of giveaways!


This was the photo booth at The Hayneedle party where we ran into Lia Griffith of ellinée.

So, who wants to come with me to Alt. 2014??!


girls day out

My friend Mary and I recently spent the afternoon shopping our way through the LA Ultimate Women’s Expo. There were a bunch of Keynote speakers like Niecy Nash (one of my faves…she is hilarious!), massages, haircuts, wine tastings, crafts, workshops, cooking demos, giveaways (we still have our fingers crossed for that trip to Paris!!), and a ton of shopping! Check out some of my favorites from the day…

1. I entered to win this hilarious box of sexy stuff from TABOO. They made sure to let me know that the copy of 50 Shades of Grey was not included. Haha! 2. Yes, those are breast implants. They insisted I hold one and wow are those things heavy. No thanks. 3. Teeth whitening anyone? 4. This coat and purse by Virtuarte are made from can tabs.

These are my 2 scores of the day. I love how tough this bracelet is, it fits my small wrist, and it was only 10 bucks! The clutch is inspired by Alexander McQueen and I have always wanted one. This one, with it’s leopard print and skulls, was perfect and just $35!

1. I would love to rent this furniture from Lux Lounge EFR and throw an extravagant party! 2. Too cool…get pampered in an Airstream by VOTRE VU. 3. Colorful, all natural body scrubs that smell delicious, by Bon Bliss. 4. Get crafty with Professor Pincushin.

Thanks Mary for a super fun girls day out! There were so many amazing speakers, things to see and products to try that we could of spent another day here. Check the bottom of the website as they also do this in Arizona, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago and Georgia! I’ll see you back in LA next year!


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