Paint Your Nails Paint Your Walls

I have always been a fan of painted walls…even in a rental. I lived with boring white walls for years until I heard the great, late Huell Howser say that if you paint your walls a color that makes you happy you can always paint over them with white before you move. Think about all the happiness it will bring you day to day and it’s totally worth it. This really made sense. That weekend I turned my little beachside apt. on Ave. B in Redondo Beach into a bright, fun, happy place that I couldn’t wait to come home to and have continued to customize my places ever since. Remember last year when Clark+Kensington teamed up with nail polish brand OPI? Well they are at it again with 3 new gorgeous collections!

The Natural
The Natural for the Cultured, Passionate & Down-to-Earth featuring OPI’s Alpine Snow, Need Sunglasses?, Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs., Cajun Shrimp, Berlin There Done That and Lincoln Park After Dark
The Adventurista
The Adventurista for the Confident, Enterprising & Refined featuring The Hawaii Collection by OPI: Is Mai Tai Crooked?, That’s Hula-rious!, Hello Hawaii Ya?, Do You Take Lei Away?, Suzi Shops & Island Hops, Just Lanai-ing Around, Lost My Bikini in Molokini and Aloha from OPI
The Creative Genius
The Creative Genius  for the Original, Imaginative & Dynamic Featuring OPI’s Pink-ing of You, Green-wich Village, Jade is the New Black, You Don’t Know Jacques!, Barefoot in Barcelona and Bubble Bath.

Check out the entire collection and get inspired at http://www.thepaintstudio.com!


Nail Polish Dipped Easter Eggs

FullSizeRender 2

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Tada…my Easter table is set! Last night I was feeling crafty and decided to try a new way of dying Easter eggs with nail polish! I had read about it online and thought it sounded way to easy to actually work but it did! The only downside is that it was super stinky. Fill a disposable plastic cup with water, pour different colors of nail polish in it, dip your egg in and let it dry in its crate. And definitely wear gloves! It’s so simple and the eggs look so fancy!


Home Decor with Modani Furniture

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 8.20.30 PM

I was thrilled when I recently discovered  Modani Furniture because ever since I moved into a loft in 2009 I have been obsessed with modern furniture. I love creating collages and wanted to build a living room based around this black leather sectional from their extensive collection of gorgeous sofas. I was inspired by the vast array of chic, modern designs at Modani and one of my favorite interior designers Kelly Wearstler. I love black and white with grey and pops of color, especially hot pink. This whole room would fit into my loft perfectly. Maybe it’s time for a makeover!

You can shop Modani online as well as in stores in LA, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, NY, Toronto and they are coming soon to Dallas, Washington DC and San Francisco! Happy Shopping!


A Fashion House in the Hollywood Hills

Hi! I hope you had an awesome, long weekend full of good food, family, friends and shopping! You are probably slowly pulling it together to get back into the swing of things so here is a little feast for the eyes. Sit back and enjoy this amazing fashion house set up in the Hollywood Hills. It is owned by the lovely Michelle of CLD and I had the pleasure of attending her housewarming party last month. The style, decor and vibe are so fabulous, by the end of the evening, I was ready to move in!

Meet Joannes Lucas, the super fun and uber talented interior designer who was kind enough to give us a personal tour of the house!

The living room was just oozing with bohemian chic fabulousness.

I loved the different fabrics on the couch with the color palette.

The house was full of interesting wallpaper and I wanted it all!

The LEOPARD PRINT ROOM…well, as you might have guessed, won my heart instantly.

This painting is so fun!

LOVED this statue. I think I need one outside my front door.

I love a breakfast nook and this table is fabulous.

More fun wallpaper in the kitchen.

The guest room…when can I stay over?

This chair is so beautiful and the fabric is from Norway.

I am a sucker for a colorful, oversized, ornate frame!

A gold, leopard statue in the shower…yes please!!

The disco stairwell where the wallpaper sparkles!

This little nook was a photo op waiting to happen!

My friend Mary, posing on our way out!

I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did. I was truly inspired by the incredibly creative interior design and warm hospitality of Michelle and Joannas. Thank you for having us!


A Supervillain Lair in the Desert

I have been obsessing over this amazing house in the desert for years and I had a dream about it last night so I decided it was a sign that I needed to write about it!

Every time Wade and I are in the desert we love to scout around looking at houses and properties and daydream about what our perfect desert vacation home would look like. Several years ago we were on a side street off of the main Highway 62, turned a corner and saw this. What was it? We had to get closer. We drove a few streets over until we were right in front of a giant iron gate shaped like a rib cage. It was definitely the coolest thing we had ever seen in the desert. Ever since then, when we are out there, we have to drive by and look at it. We would always try to google the address and nothing would ever come up. It was so mysterious. Was it a Scientology retreat? A UFO study center? We had many different ideas. Finally, on our last trip out this summer, after doing our usually drive by, I googled it again and something came up! It is an amazing house built from 1988-1993 by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg  and craftsman John Vurgin for artist Beverly Doolittle and was for sale for 3 million. That seems like a bargain. If only I had that kind of money I would buy it in a heartbeat. I wonder who bought it? Another mystery to ponder.








Want to see more? Take a video tour here!


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