The Perfect Cotton T

The ONE is the perfect T from Cotton On’s latest collection.

Just before we left for our camping trip I received the latest T-shirt collection The ONE from Cotton On. These little T’s were perfect for wine tasting and frolicking around Northern California. I love how comfortable they are and the “soft V” (as I call it) is just the right amount of sexy. I missed the launch party while I was away but had so much fun modeling these T’s in wine country!

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White T Cotton On, army jacket Prism Boutique, boyfriend jeans The Gap, boots Steve Madden, red heart sunnies Venice Beach.
Cotton On white T
Wineries are great places for photo shoots!
Scarf from a local deli (yes I got it and a sandwich for 20 bucks!), black scoop neck T from Cotton On,  jeans Hudson, purse Express, prescription sunnies Warby Parker  shoes Shoemint.

You can find The ONE cotton T’s online or at the Cotton On store at 1418 Third Street Promenade Santa Monica, CA 90401

***This is an add on to the post. Be careful…these T’s shrink when dried in the dryer! I just put one on for the first time since I wore them here and it got quite a bit shorter.


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